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Vido is a tiny island across Corfu's commercial port, in Corfu's old town. It doesn't have permanent residents and can be visited only during the summer season.

Vido has a lot if history although it was always uninhabited. Starting from 425BC the oligarchy of Corfu was exiled there. Later, around 8th century AC a couple of priests built a church; after that the control of the island goes to rich families who used it as a summer destination and hunting field. During the middle ages it was serving as an observatory for the pirates;in case of pirate ship approach the guards had to light a fire to worn the residents for the attack but it was serving also as the first line of defence. At the WW I thousands of soldiers from Serbia found shelter there and in the memory of the fallen (they estimate that 30000 soldiers died there within 2 years time) a mausoleum was built on the east side. It also served as prison for juveniles for a short time after the WW II.

Nowadays, Vido is actually a paradise of calmness and quiet with many birds, pheasants and rabbits. Worth a visit for a few hours and a refreshing dive in the summe in one of the beaches on the north or the west side. If you go with your children try to find the ruins of the small castle/observatory of the past. It is covered with vegetation somewhere on the north-west side. Vido's exclusive use nowadays is for children camps in the summer.

There is a small taverna/snack bar on Vido but other than that you are on your own. The beaches are not organized, walking around the island will take a couple hours. Departures to Vido are from the old port, opposite to BP gas station, every 30min starting early morning until midnight.



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