San Stefano

San Stefano beach Corfu

San Stefano beach is on the north west Corfu, closer to the north part of Corfu. It's a long sandy beach with fine sand and clear waters that extends up to 1km length and it is well known for the warm shallow waters which makes this beach one of the best destinations for families. 

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Peroulades beach

peroulades beach corfu 

Peroulades is a sandy beach of unique beauty, located in northwest Corfu. Over the centuries, the coastal rock formations with their imposing cliffs were eroded by the pounding of the Ionian Sea and the magnificent beach was created. Corfu Peroulades is considered by many to be Corfu's most beautiful beach. "More" magazine included Peroulades beach in its list of the top 5 most amazing beaches ever!

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Sidari beach

sidari beach corfu greece

Sidari was a fishing village up until the end of the 80s. The mass tourism in the 90s and the area's unique beauty has turned Sidari to one of the most touristic areas in Corfu. The soft sandy cliffs are forming small caves with unsual sea canals. The legend says that every couple that swims in the canal "D'Amour" will keep love in their hearts for internity.

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Acharavi beach

acharavi beach corfu

Corfu Acharavi beach is the longest beach in the Ionian sea. It extends up to 3km in a sandy beach, suitable for both families and couples.  There is public transportation from Corfu town  (approx 42km) but it will take more than an hour to get here. Best way is by car or motorbike which you can park safely next to the beach for free.

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