Kontokali - Gouvia beach

kontokali gouvia beach corfu

Gouvia and Kontokali resorts are close to Corfu town and their beaches can be your quick solution for a refreshing swim during the hot days, if you don't have a lot of free time. The beaches are both pebble and rather small in length. In Gouvia there is a snack/beach bar on the beach but at Kontokali visitors have to make use of the Kontokali Bay Spa Hotel facilities.
Gouvia and Kontokali resorts are close to the Gouvia Yacht Marina , they actually circle the facility.

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Agni Beach

agni beach corfu holidays

Agni beach is one of the most delightful places in Corfu. Until a few years ago it was inaccessible by foot. Hillsides covered in olive trees drop down to the very edge of the sea, where there is a small pebble beach with a few sunbeds and umbrellas. The scenery is amazing and quite  refreshing during the hot summer days.
Getting to Agni with public transportation from Corfu town is almost impossible. The bus drops you 2km away from the beach; then there is a pretty road lined with luxury villas with beautiful views of the sea.

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Dassia beach

dassia beach corfu summer holidays

Dassia beach has always been one of the most popular Corfu beaches, especially for the locals. It's only 11km from Corfu town and there is a frequent bus connection with blue buses from San Rocco square which is aalways full! The beach is a mixture of sand and fine pebbles and extends up to a mile in length, with pleasant stretches of tree shade. Sunbeds and parasols can be rented for 7-8Euros for two people for the whole day.

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Barbati beach

barbati beach corfu island

Corfu Barbati beach stretches for a kilometer along the foot of Mount Pantocrator, facing south. It is a beach of large, flat white pebbles, backed by stretches of grass and olive trees, making this way a lot of natural shade. Some people take advantage of this shade for an afternoon nap in the olive grove. The water is steep and deep but it's clean and of a wondeful colour.

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Ipsos beach

ipsos beach corfu vacations

Ipsos is very popular with young Italian visitors in July and August, when it is lively and noisy and there is lots going on. It's the very next resort after Dassia, only 15km from Corfu town and it is accesible by blue bus.
The beach is a mix of sand and pebble with shallow waters.

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Nissaki beach

nissaki beach corfu 

Nissaki is the name for a whole section of the northeast coastline, and it is divided into several small bays and beaches. Getting there by driving will need approx 30min and public transport from Corfu town involves walking down from the main road to the beach or bay of your choice - always a steep walk. Parking is easier in some places than others, but it is usually free of charge in the grounds of the Nissaki Beach Hotel. The area has a lush vegetation and it's covered with the perennial olive groves.

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