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Corfu port excursions, starting from 2016, can offer the famous open top buses for City tour of Corfu old town. A brand-new fleet of open top buses run continually from our port for a tour of the old town - a UNESCO World Heritage Site - and the suberbs giving you the opportunity to see the major attractions and the beautiful city of Corfu on the same tour!

Board the bus from the port (or a selected spot in Corfu town) and enjoy the drive through the New fortress, the local market, the magnificent view of the Old Fortress and the ancient-look temple of St. George as you reach the Esplanade, the biggest square of the Balkans (for a drive through to see the Liston area, a copy of Rue De Rivoli in Paris). The bus continues through Alexandras Avenue, the most amazing main street of the new town which is surrounded by tall trees, leading to Douglas Obelisc and the sea in the bay of Garitsa. Kanoni will follow, with Corfu's trademark - the Mouse Island,  Paleopolis ruins (of Phaecians who assisted Odysseus on his trip to Ithaca) and finally drive under the Arc of the Asian Art Museum, the coastal road of Mouragia and the old port. 

During this tour you will see the old town and the major attractions of Corfu town. Guided pre-recorded message gives you important information for the sites during the drive in many languages or we can book a guide for you for more personalized information.

You can book it for your group exclusively.

If you decide to book this tour with a guide, we can arrange a drop off in the old port just before the end of the line and get a full-guided walking tour of the town.

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A rich resource of Video and Written tutorials are available.

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