Corfu Fishing Experience

The fishing experience in Corfu is about having fun under the Greek sun with your friends or your family. Beeing in Corfu for your 2016 holidays gives you the opportunity to combine a fishing tour with a visit to some of the most picturesque bays and beaches in north-west Greece and of course enjoy your own fish.

Greece is well known for its fresh fish and surly you have seen before a picture with octopus hanging in the sun to dry. This is your opportunity to get the inside info how to get big fish and impress your friends. Our fisherman has 30years of experience in fishing and can organise for you a trip to the most famous bays for fishing. You can go for mesh fishing, longline fisheries or fishing with trolling. In all cases we are looking for fish over 2kg  - we will not go for shrimps! 

The tour starts from Corfu port early morning and can last up to 8hrs. The fisherman will take you to north Corfu or in the mainland, in places that are well-known between the profesionals. You will participate in the process from the beggining. Preparing the boat, the nets or the angling, you will get tips to help you do it faster and efficient as well as important information on how to clean and gut them and suggetions for cooking them!

The fishing boat holds all the necessary equipemnt and lisence from the local port police. It is also equipped with a small toilet you can use during the trip and a small indoor area. Coffe, soft drinks and water will be offered during the trip. You can fish while the rest of your party can enjoy a sandy beach and you can meet later in the restaurant where you can feast on your catch (it is very common in Greece to go with your own fish in a restaurant to cook it on your behalf).

The fishing tour doesn't require MIN participants , can operate with 1 guest.  


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