Seaplanes launch within 2021! Starting this September with 3 brand new seaplanes!

Certain changes in Greek maritime legislation have led to re-establishing the Seaplanes in Corfu. Greece’s first waterways are now ready for seaplanes to operate between Corfu, Paxos and Patras. Kefallonia, Lefkas and Ithaca will follow.

Graecian Air Seaplanes, a new seaplane operator, is entering the Greek market and aims to launch its first flights this September stating from Ionian Islands. The company's plan forsees to the use of a mixed fleet of privately owned and leased planes. The cost of purchasing a hydroplane reaches 7million dollars.

Seaplane flights are expected to boost the local economy of the Greek islands and make access easier between ports and islands of west Greece. Hoping between Greece's islands will be easier than ever before.

A testing flight already took place in Corfu and seaplanes will start operating between Corfu and Paxos on scheduled flights. Futhermore, a charter panoramic flight of Corfu by seaplane will be available for tour.

Seaplanes apart from the schedule flights and charter tours will offer services such as cargo transportation, search and rescue assistance, medical emergency flights as well as for firefighting!

Once it starts you can combine your inbound flight and be in Paxos within 15minutes or hope off from the Italy-Corfu ferry to the seaplane in order to reach one of the Ionian Islands.

We will keep you updated, coming soon...


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