corfu shell museum

Corfu shell museum was created by a single Corfiot family who managed to collect many specimens from the beautiful world of the deep and the deserts and they have now put their amazing collection on display in their private Corfu museum in Benitses.After many years of dangerous expeditions in Australia through cyclones, tides, poisonous snakes, crocodiles and the shark-infested waters of the tropical seas.

This museum, which is another of Corfu's major attractions, will certainly satisfy every visitor's curiosity. Although small, It has one of the biggest collections in Europe and the best items in terms of quality. Whilst visiting you will see a whale skeleton, several shell collections, meteorites (fallen in the deserts of Australia) and many other strange exhibits. It also sells souvenirs and seashells for collectors.
The Corfu Shell Museum is in Benitses, approximately 9km from Corfu town. You can get there with the blue bus from San Rocco square in about 30min. If you go by car there is plenty of parking space just across the street from the museum, next to the small port.You can combine any visit to south Corfu with a stop to the museum as well as with a refreshing dive in Benitses beach which is just across the street!

Open daily during the peak season from 10:00 to 19:00hrs. Entrance fee is 4Euro for adults, 2Euro for children and free of charge for people with walking difficulties.


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