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Mon Repos was built by Sir Frederick Adam, the British high commissioner of the Ionian islands. Among with Achillion, those Corfu Palaces are neo-classical buildings. Mon Repos construction began in 1828 and finished in 1832. When the Ionian Islands united with the rest of Greece (1864), Corfu Mon Repos was given to the Greek Royal family.
Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh was born in the villa which after several years of legal battles was returned to its rightful owners - the local administration.

The Mon Repos hosts Paleopolis Museum which opened its doors to the public in 2001.
In the museum you will see archaeological finds, historical documents, prints and lithographs of the Mon Repos mansion, authentic furniture and decorative objects of regency style, models, maps and chronicles of ancient monuments as well as a collection of watercolours and botanical samples representing the natural heritage of Corfu.
The estate which is covering 260 acres of trees and ancient temple remainings, was home to the botanical gardens of the Ionian Academy. The flora growing in Paleopolis is quite unusual for Europe, since the English commissioners used to implant there all the rare vegetation originating in the overseas dominions of the British Empire which thanks to the climate of Corfu  were preserved and survived until today. On the northwestern side, by the sea, there is a path leading to the ancient well of Kardaki (popular legend says that if a foreigner drinks from the well forgets his native land and remains in Corfu forever!). Further down the same road you will find the cave of Nymphs and an ancient theatre just above the sea!

Excavations next to the entry have revealed the remains of Paleopolis (old town) which was the first town of Corfu (approx 750BC) before the attack of the Goths which forced the population to move towards the town we know today. Spread around the Mon Repos area you will find ruins of the temples of Hera, Artemis and Apollo, the agora (market), the roman baths, the conservatory and the altars. 

A visit to Mon Repos is completely different from any other museum or monument in Corfu. Even on the hottest day of the summer the forest provides shadow to every step you take and it's probably the only museum visit which can be combined with a refreshing swim! Where the forest meets the coast there is a small dock which was made for the private use of the royal family and a small beach;you can dive from there. So if you are planning to visit Mon Repos - take your snorckeling equipment!

The distance from Corfu town is 2km and the entrance fee is 4 Euros per adult. You will find parking easily around the premises for free.
The Mon Repos Palace is open from Tuesday to Sunday 08:30-15:00hrs but you can visit the huge forest until 1700hrs in the summer.

Send us your request for the Mon Repos Mansion; we will organise a tour for your group and you can get free guiding in Corfu town in the same rate!


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