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The entrance of the New Fortress overlooks the old port area of Corfu town and is another fortification of the Venecians that was made to protect Corfu. Its construction started in 1572 and finished in 1645 on the hill of Saint Mark (we call it Corfu New Fortress because it was the last built of Corfu fortresses). It is a marvel of military architecture and on its well-preserved gates the emblem of the Lion of St. Mark can be seen, just as it appears in St. Mark's square in Venice. Though all the internal buldings were made by the British.

It was sieged several times in history and during the WW II it was used by the locals as a shelter from the bombings; they were procteted behind its thick walls. There are many cave passages below ground that connect the town with many exits - one of them leads to the island of Vido, which is visible from the fortress. Another one was used to connect both Corfu fortresses. Unfortunately those passages were partly destroyed making it difficult to explore them. Those that were still in good condition were deliberately destroyed a few years ago following a break-out from the local prison when the tunnels were used from the escaping prisoners!

It was under the exclusive use of the navy for decades. Re-opened during the 90's and apart from the magnificent view of the Juice community, the local market, the port and the old town, you can enjoy once in a while an art exhibition. Like the Old Fortress it's cellular with halls and tunnels while the whole structure extends on both the old and new town, with countless rooms which could make you feel at some point that you are lost!
You can access it from Spilia area in the old port (used to be one of the four gates to access town during its time) or from the local fresh market but be warned : requires a lot of walking and you need to be quite fit. From the top though the view of Corfu town is amazing. Parking can be found in old port without charge but gets full easilly, especially during mornign houors. The entrance ticket is 4 Euros per person.


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