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In Corfu Archaeological Museum there are finds on exhibit of great archaeological and cultural value. The most representative and impressive item is the massive Gorgon Pediment, constructed around 585 B.C. which comes from the west side of the large Doric temple of Artemis.
It is believed to be the oldest stone pediment saved so far. The pediment covers an entire hall of the museum and is showing basically the Gorgon (mermaid).

Her face is presented frightful with monster – type characteristics, while snakes are curled up in her hair and around her waist. On the left and right stand her two sons, Chrysaor and Pegasus who complete the scene with two mythical animals. The corners of the pediment describe scenes from Titan battles (parents of the Gods). The pediment originally had bright painted colors.
In another section of the museum stands the left portion of a porous stone pediment from the area of Figaretto. It is dated at 500 B.C. and shows a symposium (fiesta meal) between Dionysus and a young man lying in a sofa guarded by the lion of Menecrates.

The "Lion of Menekrates" is another impressive exhibit (7th century BC). it is believed that the lion was placed on the top of Menekrates Tomb, a view that has not been completely verified. In the archaeological museum there are many significant artifacts which were found in the ancient cemetery of Garitsa area. An important section of the exhibition comes from the area of Mon Repos, where the temples of Hera and Apollon are located. The ruins of the Ancient Corfu, Hersoupoli, are probably buried in the plantations there. Another hall has coins and ceramics of that time.
The musuem is situated in Corfu town in Democratias Avenue - next to Corfu Palace Hotel. The entrace fee is 6 Euros per person but you can buy a multi ticket that would include the entrace fee to Asian Art museum, Byzantine museum and the Old Fortresses for 14Euros (duration of the multi ticket is 3 days).

If you go by car there is a chance to find parking in the blocks around the area for free or in the parking area in the square (for approximately 3 Euros). Wherever you are in town the musuem is within walking distance.


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