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Chalikounas Lake - also called Korission Lake - is a lagoon on the south-west side of Corfu in a setting very different from any other you will find on Corfu island. Chalikounas Beach is the strip of sand that seperates the lagoon from the sea. It is a protected site as it is a habitat area for several rare species of birds (120 have been found so far). The beach is mostly sandy with shallow waters. It's always clean but this beach has no facilities at all!

Due to its status as a protected area any facility is prohibited but there are a couple of ''kantines'' or kiosks at either end of the beach for soft drinks. There is a simple taverna, noted for its fish, on the approach to the lagoon. There are a few sunbeds for rent front of the wooden kiosks (operating also as beach bars) which you will probably need as the sun can get fierce here.
Korission lake was created by the Venetians who digged a canal to the sea and they filled 6 acres with sea water. Following the dirt road you reach the old fisherman huts. Some of the primitive flat-type boats they used for fishing are still there. A tiny bridge will lead you after to the cedar forest and rare flowers like orchids.

Chalikounas is not a busy beach. Even if you show up during the peak season you can still find a private spot away from the others. It's ideal for some privacy and relaxation but if it gets dark the mosquitos from the lake could become an issue. It goes without saying that the area has no accommodations at all but occasionally some campers overnight there.
Getting to Chalikounas requires your own transportation. Local buses from Corfu town stop several kilometres away from the beach and any taxi transfer will cost a fortune. We wouldn't reccommend motorbike if you are not a very experienced driver (the last couple of kilometres to the beach are untarmacked, rocks and sand).

Tip: The slightest wind makes the beach very rough and also blows the sand everywhere. The frequent strong winds,however, make this beach very popular to Corfu kite surfers who have a small base at the end of the beach for their activities.

If you deicde to visit the beach or the area around we strongly reccommend a visit to the Governor Olive Mill where you can see the traditional and the modern methods of the harvest but most inportantly to taste one of the best olive oils in the wolrd!

Click here for a beach transfer to Chalikounas.


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