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Sidari was a fishing village up until the end of the 80s. The mass tourism in the 90s and the area's unique beauty has turned Sidari to one of the most touristic areas in Corfu. The soft sandy cliffs are forming small caves with unsual sea canals. The legend says that every couple that swims in the canal "D'Amour" will keep love in their hearts for internity.

Sidari beach is actually separated to smaller beach pieces that are connected to each other through the canals and occasionally, a cave. The sea has rather shallow waters - good enough for children and in some cases a strange rock in the middle of the setting will challenge you to swim over.
Sidari has many restaurants, even more fast foods and it's very famous for the night life among English and Italain visitors. If you are staying for many days take a daily cruise from Sidari to the "Diapontian islands". Tiny islands on the north-west side of Corfu with few tens of residents but with unique beauty and traditional local way of life, away from the tourist mass development.

You will find sunbeds and beach umbrellas for a reasonable price (7-10Euro for the whole set). If you include Sidari in your Corfu summer holidays keep in mind that gettng there on the green bus will take a bit more than an hour, taxi from Corfu town is rather expensive. Renting a car in or a bike for your transportation would be more efficient.
It would be ideal to finish your day in the neighboring beach bar of Peroulades overlooking the sunset view (10min drive from Sidari).

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