coming soon, within 2018
Corfu is the first waterway in Greece and soon we will be flying to Paxos and above Corfu for sightseeing

 Certain changes in Greek maritime legislation have led to the revival of interest on the part of investors in re-establishing the Seaplanes in Corfu for 2018. Greece’s first waterway is now true and ready in our island, Corfu. The license will be issued to the Corfu Port Authority while Paxos is the next waterway to follow.

A new fleet of aircraft is planned, with teminal embarkation services for the convinience of passengers (Duty free shops, luggage handling, free transportation from terminal etc). Furthermore, the port is just 2km from the airport making the connection between inbound flights and onward seaplane transfers quick and efficient.
Seaplane flights are expected to boost the local economy of the Greek islands and make access easier to Greece's remote destinations.
The merchant marine ministry aims to give the go-ahead for the operation of more waterways in Greece so the first seaplane routes will be launched in Greece as of summer 2018.

The plans for the seaplanes services offer several advantages for the lovers of this alternative method of transportation. Tailor-made sightseeing tours with seaplanes are a possibility and aircrafts can be chartered for itineraries or transfers.


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